You Owe Me!

Developer: Voglhuber

Genre: Action Games

Price: Free

8.0 Awesome

Don't you hate it when you loan someone money out of the sheer goodness of your heart - and you trust that they will pay you back. Then...they don't! This game lets you take out all of your aggression on those thieving friends who totally take advantage of your generosity.

The game is easy to play. Just hit the guy who is running around and running away from you. The more you hit him, the more coins will drop out of his pockets. This guy will also drop collectibles that give you other bonuses. There are more than 80 missions for you to beat and get your moolah back!

  • Score 8
You Owe Me1
You Owe Me2
You Owe Me3
You Owe Me4
You Owe Me5

Pros & Cons

  • Lets you get out aggression at people who didn’t pay you back
  • Easy controls – just swipe!
  • 3 different weapons to try
  • Compare your score with others online
  • Repetitive
  • Simple Game
  • Not a lot of replay after you’ve beat it