Developer: WhisperText LLC

Genre: Entertainment Apps

Downloads: 5,000,000+

Price: Free

8.5 Awesome

Whisper is a cool app that lets you see the secrets that everyone else around you is thinking. The secrets are created by typing words onto images, and they can range from anything about personal lives to just random passing thoughts. People like it because they can also get advice about their problems.

However, a lot of people use it to get hook ups and meet people on their college or high school campus. Some people also use it for more negative reasons like to bully someone else, so because of those things, it's not the best app in the world.

  • Score 8.5

Pros & Cons

  • Express yourself anonymously
  • Can see whispers just from your school, if you go to one
  • Can also filter by location
  • Can chat with other users so you can meet up in real life
  • Some worry it could promote bullying or bad behavior in high schoolers
  • The school feature is only useful if you go to a school
  • Can’t turn off location tracking, even when not using the app

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