Developer: The Delancey Corporation LLC

Genre: Finance Apps

Downloads: 1,000,000+

Price: Free

8.5 Awesome

You may remember Venmo from those weird ads that went viral a while back. However, now they've left that all behind and have become one of the most popular apps for mobile payments. With high security levels and some level of reliability, Venmo is one of the go to apps for most people who need to pay rent, or just split dinner with a friend.

The unfortunate part is that well...the app is a little creepy. The default settings show what you've paid for in a public feed, and most people don't really like that. In addition there are reports that there is no customer service phone number available, and some have had overall bad experiences with the customer service department, which is important when you're dealing with your dough!

  • Score 8.5

Pros & Cons

  • Send money to anyone else with the app
  • Get money from those who owe you
  • Can use to pay for things in certain other apps
  • Bank level security
  • Reports of poor customer service – and no phone number to call
  • Default settings publicize your spendings on a public feed – you can change it
  • Takes a while for money to become available

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