Developer: Spark Sixty Four Limited

Genre: Health & Fitness Apps

Downloads: 1,000+

Price: Free

6.0 Awesome

UV Lens is an app that could be really cool - if it worked properly. It's an app that purports to tell you the current UV sun conditions so you can stay indoors at the times of day when you will be most likely to get burned, and it can even tell you how long your skin type can stay in the sun.

However, the app doesn't really work. It is set only for the Australian time zone (the makers of the app are Australian) and so unless you live there, it's pretty useless since you can't change it. Also, the degrees of the temperature readings are only in celsius which Americans might find confusing.

  • Score 6

Pros & Cons

  • Helps you plan the best time to go outside
  • Skin assessment to find out how much time you can spend in the sun
  • Find what the UV is in your location
  • Avoid using harmful sunscreens more than you have to
  • New app with lots of bugs
  • Only displays temps in celcius
  • Can’t change time zones in the app

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