Developer: MapMyFitness

Genre: Shopping Apps

Price: Free

9.5 Awesome

UAShop is Under Armour's new shopping app that lets you shop for Under Armour products where ever you are. As long as you have a wifi connection or phone service, you'll be able to see the latest products from UA. They have lots of gear for all different kinds of sports so chances are they've got you covered.

The app also has profiles of famous athletes and if you sign in with your Under Armour account, it will take all of your information into account and make recommendations for you based on your preferences. The only thing it's missing is the Shop Runner feature which is found on the website.

  • Score 9.5

Pros & Cons

  • Official Under Armour Shopping App
  • Has gear for many different types of athletes
  • Follow your favorite athletes
  • Can connect with other UA activities to create a complete profile of you
  • App doesn’t have Shop Runner feature which is found on UA’s website
  • Only good if you like Under Armour
  • Only available for iOS

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