Tweetbot 4

Developer: Tapbots

Genre: Communication Apps

Price: $9.99

8.0 Awesome

Tweetbird 4 is a Twitter app that will help you manage your online presence easily. It is a little bit pricey at $9.99, but some people feel that it is worth it. If you're planning on using the app with Apple Watch, it's probably not a great idea because that app is pretty much pointless, as you can only see recent activity and the app freezes. Otherwise, the app is wonderful for iPhone and iPad, and it lets you keep track of important social media statistics so you can get a better handle on how things are going for you online.

While there are some bugs, most people like it better than the official Twitter app which is why they continue to use it.

  • Score 8
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Pros & Cons

  • Powerful Twitter client to help you manage your social media world
  • Works on iPad and iPhone
  • Great statistics to keep track of your views and follows
  • Can send you notifications
  • App is kind of expensive at $9.99
  • App for Apple Watch is pointless
  • Sometimes loads slowly

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