Genre: Communication Apps

Price: $2.99

8.0 Awesome

Triage is an app that can help you achieve what some consider to be their ultimate goal in life...inbox zen. That means a well organized inbox with no unread messages! With Triage you can easily view your e-mails as simple cards, and use cool flick motions to either dismiss an e-mail until later or archive automatically. You can also reply to the message by clicking on it. Many popular technology websites have lauded this app for increasing productivity.

This app is pretty much essential for people who have so many e-mails in their inbox they don't know what to do. There are some bugs that users have reported, such as that the app sometimes fails to save drafts. In addition , Triage is only for iOS devices, so Android users will have to find some other way to achieve zen!

  • Score 8

Pros & Cons

  • Stream real time results from your favorite sports teams
  • Get customized alerts for important events and moments
  • Supported by most e-mail services that use IMAP including Gmail & iCloud Mail
  • Turns your e-mails into cards for easier reading
  • iPhone only
  • Only for people who have trouble or are annoyed by their email inbox
  • Some bugs like not saving e-mail drafts or failing to send messages

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