Toca Life: City

Developer: Toca Boca AB

Genre: Family Games

Downloads: 5,000+

Price: $3.29 / $2.99

8.5 Awesome

Toca Life: City is a cute game for iOS, that is actually the first of a whole series of apps in the Toca Life family! In Toca Life: City, you can explore the bustling Toca metropolis, full of sweet characters and fun things to do. You can customize your character by changing their clothes or dyeing their hair.

The game is perfect for kids aged 5 and under. They can stroll around town, buy pets and toys and grab a bite to eat. The game is great for kids because it stimulates their imagination and does not include any ads for third party apps or services, or opportunities of accidental in app purchases.

  • Score 8.5
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Toca Life City2
Toca Life City3
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Pros & Cons

  • Fun, Kid Friendly Game
  • Children Experiment With Creativity By Making Their Own Characters
  • No Ads for Third Party Apps
  • No Possibility of In App Purchases
  • There are Other Games Which Are Free
  • Only Available on iOS
  • Kids Older than 5 May Be Bored by Game