Developer: Tilt.com

Genre: Finance Apps

Downloads: 10,000+

Price: Free

9.0 Awesome

Tilt is a cool app that goes with a website service that lets you collect funds. You can use the site/app in two different ways. Groups like sororities and frats find it easy to split costs of trips and parties because you can easily see who has paid and hasn't paid. You can use it to plan a bachelorette party and eliminate the need for cash or giving change. You can also use Tilt to crowdfund for your cause or business.

The app functions pretty well and there aren't too many complaints about it, though a very few people have said they've found bugs on Android. Overall, the only thing not to like is that the organizer of a fundraiser on Tilt has to sign in with Facebook, but contributors don't.

  • Score 9

Pros & Cons

  • Raise funds for almost anything
  • Great for splitting event costs with friends or larger projects
  • Easy to keep track of who has paid and who hasn’t
  • Makes it easy for groups to go in on things, no cash required!
  • Some bugs reported on Android
  • Organizers have to log in with Facebook (but contributors don’t)
  • That’s it, most people love it!

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