The Game of Life

Developer: Electronic Arts

Genre: Board Games

Downloads: 500,000+

Price: $0.99

8.0 Awesome

The real Game of Life is a tricky one, but The Game of Life app is fun and fancy free! This app is based off the popular board game that takes you through all of life’s milestones and setbacks. The graphics are stellar and fun animations can be found throughout the game.

While you’re playing the game, you can listen to your music from iTunes if you’re on iOS, so you can jam and get engaged in what is going on. The game also has a “Game of Life Journal” that records your choices in the game like going to college or buying a house.

  • Score 8
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Pros & Cons

  • Popular Board Game in an App
  • Pass and Play The Game of Life With Up to 6 People on iOS, 3 People on Android
  • Cool Graphics/Animation
  • Control Music While Playing on iOS
  • Less Features Available on Android
  • Gameplay is More Nostalgic than Engaging
  • Users Report it is Boring if You Are Playing By Yourself