Developer: Sunshine Technologies Inc.

Genre: Weather Apps

Price: Free

8.0 Awesome

Sunshine is a weather app which could be considered to go a bit above and beyond the rest of them. You can tell the app how the weather actually feels for you, so that it can learn your preferences. Then when it is 59 degrees out, it will know whether you think that is cold or warm, which could vary depending on where you live in the world. However, this app doesn't deliver a very extensive weather report because there are only three days available and it is hard to see the percentages of chance of rain.

Overall, it's a cool weather app that makes weather a more personal experience so check it out!

  • Score 8

Pros & Cons

  • Check the weather easily
  • App has sentences to describe the weather
  • App learns what you like and how to report the weather to you
  • Reports how the weather will feel to you
  • There are many weather apps out there
  • Hard to find percentages of weather chances in app
  • Only has a three day forecast

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