Developer: Matchup

Genre: Health & Fitness Apps

Price: Free

8.5 Awesome

Stridekick is a cool app that lets you create competitions between you and your friends. You can also import all the fitness data from a fitness tracker device and see even more deep insights than the ones your tracker offers. There are a few ways to challenge your friends. You could create a leaderboard challenge, a streak challenge, a journey challenge or a head-to-head challenge!

It's a nice way to encourage your friends to get as fit as you, but some people don't really like to be competitive. However, overall, it's an app that can inspire you to work out harder. It's a little hard to figure out, but once you do, it's tons of fun.

  • Score 8.5

Pros & Cons

  • App makes fitness even more fun
  • Connects with pretty much any fitness tracker
  • Make your own fitness challenges and compete with friends
  • Great fitness insights
  • Some people don’t like to be competitive
  • People complain about ability to change events once you’ve created them
  • Better tutorial would be helpful

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