Slice HD

Developer: twitchgames

Genre: Puzzle Games

Downloads: 1,000,000

Price: $2.99/Free

9.0 Awesome

Slice HD is a really intense game that comes with a warning, so be prepared. It has realistic gore that might make some players grossed out or scared. The point of the game is to clear sharp knives and blades to find a button. When you find the button and press it, you beat the level! However, if you touch any of the blades in the wrong way you will get sliced which will cause blood to squirt all over the game!

The trick in this game is to learn patterns. You have to figure out the way that each different type of knife likes to be touched in order to not get your fingers figuratively sliced. With more than 60 levels to beat, you better be very careful because that's a lot of blood you could lose!

  • Score 9
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Pros & Cons

  • Super gory puzzle game
  • Have to learn patterns to beat game
  • More than 60 levels
  • Can play solo or with 2 people
  • Can be disturbing to some people
  • Not free
  • Challenging to learn

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