Developer: Silvio Rizzi

Genre: News & Magazines Apps

Price: $4.99

7.0 Awesome

Reeder is an app that can help you read all of the news and blogs that you want to see. You can subscribe to feeds in the app, or sync the app with other feed readers that you already use. Why you would need to do that is a bit of a mystery when services like Feedly have their own apps for free, and this one costs $4.99.

There are some great themes that make it easier to catch up on the news at different times of day, as well as a connection to many services so you can share any articles that strike a chord with you whenever you want and however you want. If you want to blow $5 to see what this app is like, it might be good for you, but with so many free options out there, it's a bit of a puzzle.

  • Score 7

Pros & Cons

  • News reader to get your fill of your favorite blogs
  • Can sync with a wide variety of other feed services
  • Themes for easy reading
  • Many ways to share articles
  • Not many ways to customize list of articles view
  • It costs $4.99 and there are definitely free apps out there which do the same thing
  • App is a little buggy/freezes

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