Developer: Quartz Media LLC

Genre: News & Magazines Apps

Price: Free

7.0 Awesome

Quartz is an app that sets out to have people consume media in a different way. Instead of scanning the headlines and reading the ones that stand out to you, you can get sent little text-message-like snippets of information and then decide if you want to read more or not. It's an app that tries to serve up a creative idea, but it doesn't really come through.

Some users say it is too slow to get texted all of these headlines, which there are not much of per day, and then interact with the app to get the information you want. Others say that it just doesn't give you any information. Try it if you think it might work for you, but most haven't found it very convenient.

  • Score 7

Pros & Cons

  • Sends you news in a conversational style
  • You don’t have to go to the news – it come to you
  • Helps Apple Watch users gauge markets with emoji
  • You can communicate with the app like texting
  • Some users think that it is slower than just reading the news
  • Can’t pick what you say, have to use provided phrases
  • Not many stories per day

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