Pear Personal Coach

Developer: PEAR Sports LLC

Genre: Health & Fitness Apps

Price: Free

7.0 Awesome

PEAR Personal Coach is a fitness app that has a lot of potential. There are workouts from athletes who compete at the Olympic level, as well as other ones from renowned athletes. However, the organization of these workouts is kind of willy nilly and it can be hard to find the one that you want. As you can imagine, some of the workouts are kind of hardcore as well.

The stats that they give you aren't usually important to normal people who are not Olympic athletes, so, the usual person is left feeling like they don't have much to track. Plus, many of the data that is trackable requires a device to find out that information. The main downside to this app is that though it is free, you do have to pay for most of the training programs.

  • Score 7
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Pros & Cons

  • Gets you motivated with workouts from top athletes
  • Has specific workouts to help you train for certain sports
  • Compatible with MyFitnesspal and MapMyFitness
  • Share workouts on Social Media
  • Have to pay for workout plans
  • Hard to find workouts that you want – not well organized
  • Need to have tracking gadgets to get a read on most data

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