NFL Emojis

Developer: NFL Enterprises LLC

Genre: Sports Apps

Downloads: 50,000+

Price: Free

6.5 Awesome

NFL Emojis is an app that doesn't exactly have emojis, but it can still be fun for some true fans of NFL teams. The Emojis are actually images on a white background that you can send to friends, but you can't put them in a text message like a real emoji keyboard. That being said, it is still a great way to show your love and appreciation of your favorite NFL sports team!

While all 32 teams are listed in the app, not all of them have emojis associated with them. You also have to start a new message or e-mail every time. You can't add the images to existing messages, which seems a bit inconvenient.

  • Score 6.5
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NFL Emojis2
NFL Emojis3
NFL Emojis4
NFL Emojis5
NFL Emojis6
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Pros & Cons

  • Fun Emojis & stickers for all 32 NFL Teams
  • Customize your texts and messages on game day
  • Show everyone your favorite team in a new way
  • That’s it, it’s a pretty simple app!
  • Can’t use emoji’s as regular emojis in texts, it’s more like stickers or clipart
  • Images are low resolution
  • Some teams listed with no stickers

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