Developer: Electronic Arts

Genre: Board Games

Downloads: 500,000+

Price: $1.99 / $.99

9.0 Awesome

Ah Monopoly. The classic property buying game that you probably spent hours playing as a kid, plotting how to purchase the mother of all spaces, Park Place. The app has all of the features of the board game that you remember. You still go around the board and buy properties, sell them or trade them in deals, and of course, you can still go to jail!

Only now, the game isn’t just on a static board. There are fun animations that bring the game to life, and you can “pass and play” with other players. Plus, the app has 3 levels of play and you can customize the look and feel.

  • Score 9

Pros & Cons

  • App Brings Board Game to Your Device
  • Pass and Play With Friends
  • Easy to Use and Intuitive Game Design
  • Pass and Play, Play with 2 Friends on Bluetooth or 3 Friends on Wifi
  • When Playing with AI Instead of Friends, You are Likely to Lose
  • No New Innovations on the Game
  • Game Can Take a Long Time to Play – Just Like Real Life!