Missing Translation

Developer: Games Booster

Genre: Puzzle Games

Downloads: 1,000+

Price: Free

9.5 Awesome

Missing Translation is a great new game for Android. You might not have heard of it yet but it is gaining steam in popularity, and there's a good reason why. It's a seriously fun puzzle game in a retro style. Some people might find it annoying, but true puzzle aficionados will enjoy trying to figure out what the heck to do.

The thing with Missing Translation is, there are no instructions provided about how to solve any of the puzzles contained within the game. Like a blind mole you've got to figure out what the next thing to do is! Now you see why this game isn't for everyone, however, some people will love the challenge.

  • Score 9.5
Missing Translation1
Missing Translation2
Missing Translation3
Missing Translation4
Missing Translation5

Pros & Cons

  • Challenging puzzle game that true puzzle lovers will enjoy
  • Fun retro graphics
  • Could help to keep your brain sharp
  • More than 100 puzzles
  • Not suitable for everyone, and some simply won’t like it
  • No instructions provided
  • Android Only

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