Developer: Marvel Prototyping LTD

Genre: Business Apps

Downloads: 10,000+

Price: Free

8.5 Awesome

The Marvel App is actually a really good idea but it needs some more added to it to make it amazing. It is an app that helps you make prototypes of your apps. You can take pictures of your drawings and then link the pages together with linked hotspots in the app. You can upload your pics from your phone's camera or from Dropbox. However, most people feel the app would be better if you could make app templates with clipart within Marvel. They also wish they could add other things like text boxes or images to their drawings.

It's a good app but it is a little bit confusing to use because there are no tutorials. Besides those factors, it is a promising app as long as the developers keep making new features to keep it interesting.

  • Score 8.5

Pros & Cons

  • Design app prototypes on your mobile device
  • Take pictures of sketches and add links with hotspots
  • Over 100,000 users
  • Share prototypes easily
  • App is confusing to learn & has no tutorials
  • Would be better if it allowed you to create prototypes with templates and clipart
  • Can’t add much to your drawings – only link hotspots

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