LinkedIn Students

Developer: LinkedIn

Genre: Education Apps

Price: Free

8.0 Awesome

LinkedIn Students is a cool app for people who are about to graduate college, or for those who have recently graduated. It tries to cater to the unique needs of these students and give them a leg up in finding a job in this competitive world. It does fall a little short because it's not very flexible.

If you have more than one major or even more than one degree, the app will only really show you jobs that are related to one of your degrees. In addition, if you are a recent graduate of a doctoral or even masters program, this app is probably not for you as it mainly shows entry-level positions that are probably below your pay grade.

  • Score 8
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Pros & Cons

  • Helps recent college grads find jobs
  • Gives students career starting information
  • Apply to jobs in the app
  • Check out alumni career paths from your school
  • Only for students – not those seeking recent college grads as employees
  • Only offers entry level jobs
  • Works best for those who have one major and one degree

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