Developer: Learnvest Inc.

Genre: Finance Apps

Price: Free

8.5 Awesome

Learn how to invest with Learnvest! They make it easy to invest your money and track your finances. If you upgrade to premium you will get a personalized plan created by a combination of an advisor and Learnvest's technology that helps them know how to invest. Many people love this app, but others wish some of the features were a bit more well rounded.

For example, the categorization in the app for expenses is not a robust feature. It is annoying to set it all up because the app doesn't "learn" your categories as other similar services do. In addition, it doesn't seem that the app syncs from web to app, which would be a delightful feature for the developers of this app to add.

  • Score 8.5

Pros & Cons

  • Set financial goals and learn how to invest
  • Can upgrade to premium for personalized service
  • Track spending
  • Lots of content giving advice on investing
  • App’s financial advisement cannot be considered official advice
  • App and website don’t sync
  • Doesn’t show pending transactions

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