Developer: Whalerock Digital Media

Genre: Lifestyle Apps

Downloads: 10,000+

Price: $1.99

8.0 Awesome

The Kimoji app is a fun one that features different emoji with the head of Kim Kardashian. These are less like emoji and more like Kim K's head with different hairstyles on it, but that's OK because it is still pretty fun if you are a fan of the Kardashian clan or just Kim herself.

Some people don't like this app all that much because you can't just use the emoji in a keyboard like most of the more convenient emoji apps. You have to copy/paste them from the app itself. However, it's still a fun thing if you are a Kim fan.

  • Score 8

Pros & Cons

  • Emoji App with Kim Kardashian’s face
  • More than 500 Kim Kardashian emoji
  • Works in multiple messaging apps
  • Can copy/paste emoji too
  • On iOS only works with iPhone 5 and up
  • Less emoji-like and more fashion oriented
  • Sometimes you have to copy/paste the emoji

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