Kaiser Permanente

Developer: Kaiser Permanente

Genre: Health & Fitness Apps

Downloads: 500,000+

Price: Free

7.5 Awesome

Kaiser's app is great if you have a Kaiser health insurance plan. It lets you to log into the app using your kp.org log in and then you can see all of your information. You can make appointments, refill prescriptions on the app and even send messages to your doctor so you don't have to always come in if you just have a quick question.

The app sounds convenient but it doesn't really function too well, according to some users. They have a lot of trouble with the slowness of the app on Android and other people say that some functions don't work with one of the newer updates. Hopefully they will work out these bugs to make the app even more awesome.

  • Score 7.5
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Pros & Cons

  • Manage your healthcare if you have Kaiser HMO
  • E-mail your doctor
  • Refill prescriptions
  • See your health history
  • Newer version of app has some bugs
  • Android users report app is slow
  • App doesn’t have dental on it

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