Developer: Kapps Media LLC

Genre: Lifestyle Apps

Price: $2.99

8.5 Awesome

Justmoji is an app that is the latest in a slew of celebrity emoji apps. The celebrity in question here is Justin Bieber and the app does provide a bunch of cool, cute and silly pictures of him that look more like memes than emoji. They are large and picture sized, and most fans wish that they were tiny smileys like traditional emoji.

However, Bieber fans are ecstatic that they can personalize messages in the app to their friends that show up on the pictures. If you're a true Belieber then you have to get this app because then you can send Bieber pics to all of your friends right in your messages!

  • Score 8.5

Pros & Cons

  • Celebrity Emoji app starring Justin Bieber
  • Personalize messages from JBiebs
  • Send Bieber stickers and personalizations from the keyboard in text messages
  • A must have for any Justin fan
  • They are more like pictures, less like emojis
  • Personalized messages don’t have auto-correct
  • Requires full access on iOS so it could be recording what you say

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