Developer: Instacart Inc

Genre: Shopping Apps

Downloads: 100,000+

Price: Free

10.0 Awesome

Feeling lazy? Busy? Been binging on Netflix for the past few days and need some nutritional nourishment? Instacart will bring you groceries right to your door! It's completely different from other grocery delivery services in that it comes from an actual grocery store of your choosing, not a warehouse. And a person actually goes through and picks out your items, choosing appropriate replacements whenever possible.

The app is amazing for helping people save time, since you just pick your items, put in a tip and pay. You set a one hour delivery window in the near future. For most orders over $35, delivery is just $3.99.

  • Score 10

Pros & Cons

  • Get groceries delivered to your house from an actual grocery store
  • Do everything in the app – pick food and pay
  • Can change order before your shopper starts shopping
  • Save favorites to order again
  • Only in 36 cities
  • Don’t have all grocery stores
  • Sometimes shoppers can be late or early