Human Resource Machine

Developer: Experimental Gameplay Group

Genre: Brain & Puzzle Games

Price: $4.99

9.0 Awesome

Human Resource Machine might feel all too real for you if you are an office worker, but it is a fun game that will help you to learn the basic concepts of computer programming. As a Human Resources person, you get assigned a task and you have to teach the employees how to do it by programming them. Figure out the puzzles and clear the levels to win.

Each level is beaten when you figure out the code, but you can't save any partial code which is frustrating if you end up having to put the game down for a bit. In addition, this game is pricey at just under $5, but many feel it is well worth it.

  • Score 9
Human Resource Machine1
Human Resource Machine2
Human Resource Machine3
Human Resource Machine4
Human Resource Machine5

Pros & Cons

  • Cute game that helps you learn the basic of programming
  • Earn another year working for the corporation by performing tasks
  • Positively rated by many media outlets
  • Very creative app and premise
  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t save partial programs – only saves it if you beat the level
  • Challenging!

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