Hay Day

Developer: Supercell

Genre: Simulation Games

Downloads: 100,000,000+

Price: Free

8.0 Awesome

Any day is a great day for Hay Day! The game is somewhat reminiscent of the Zynga hit Farmville with more features. You can grow crops, build different things like bakeries, dairies, sugar mills. If you haven’t played before, a charming scarecrow will guide you through the tutorial.

Like many games today, this one has a lot of features that help you integrate your game play with social media. Unlike Farmville - nothing ever dies. This game is meant to be fun and relaxing - not stressful! The downside is - you need to be connected to the internet to play and there are some in app purchases.

  • Score 8
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Pros & Cons

  • Cute farm building game
  • Crops and animals don’t die – no pressure to play every day
  • Trade crops with friends
  • Lovely graphics
  • Lots of in app purchases
  • Only for people over the age of 13
  • Not an original idea