Developer: Scott Snibbe Studio

Genre: Arcade Games

Downloads: 5,000+

Price: Free

9.0 Awesome

Ever wonder what it might be like to play god and enact gravitational forces on any molecule that passes your way? Gravilux will give you that experience. Once you start enacting the gravitational pull with your fingers, the forces set in motion a series of movements that are based on what really happens with gravity in the universe.

You can play music through the app to make your gravitational experience more fun. As you would expect with such a graphics based app, the graphics are amazing, and will keep you entranced. This game will not numb your brain like some repetitive games but will pique your interest and make you think about space and the universe.

  • Score 9

Pros & Cons

  • Unique app with cool scientific premise
  • Amazing graphics
  • Very unique concept
  • Can change the look and feel of the particles in the app
  • Still new so a few bugs
  • No default music
  • There’s no point to the exercise