Golf Now

Developer: GolfNow

Genre: Sports Apps

Downloads: 500,000+

Price: Free

8.5 Awesome

Golf Now is an app that does just what the name would suggest. It helps you to play! Just get on the app and book a tee time. Then you will probably find a good deal, even though the online booking does add some fees to the charge. The app is great and almost everyone who has used it rates it very highly, but some have found a glitch in that the maps aren't always accurate.

Others wish that the service would allow them to search for golf courses in other areas of the country, but it only allows them to search the database of 6,000+ courses to find the ones that are near them.

  • Score 8.5
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Pros & Cons

  • Book Tee Times at your green or range on your phone
  • More than 6,000 golf courses in the app
  • Cancel or change your reservation with a full refund
  • Each booking earns you reward points
  • Sometimes provided map of course doesn’t include all holes
  • Online booking adds fees
  • Can only search for ranges “near me” not in other areas

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