Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast

Developer: XMG Studio

Genre: Adventure Games

Downloads: 500,000+

Price: Free

9.5 Awesome

The Ghostbusters franchise is about to be reborn with an all girl Ghostbuster's cast. Whether or not this app is in preparation for the movie, we don't know, but it is a really fun game! It's actually an augmented reality game that lets you battle ghosts and monsters in your own neighborhood!

The graphics are perfect for your retina display device and there are more than 20 challenging missions to work through to get the ghosts in your trap. Protect your city or town from the paranormal and work on your ghost busting skills at the same time!

  • Score 9.5
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Pros & Cons

  • The only Ghostbuster’s augmented reality game
  • 20+ missions to complete
  • When you beat a ghost, get paid by city hall to get better weapons
  • Great graphics
  • Game is pretty short
  • Kind of repetitive
  • Hard to learn but easy to play once you do learn it