Geometry Dash

Developer: RobTop Games AB

Genre: Educational Games

Downloads: 1,000,000+

Price: $1.65 / $1.99

7.5 Awesome

Geometry Dash is kind of reminiscent of an old computer game called Helicopter. In this platform runner style game, you have to navigate a square through a crazy maze which is full of evil triangles, troublesome rectangles and other shapely obstacles.

Geometry Dash is all about fast reaction times, and the game gets pretty hard very quickly. Whenever you hit the wall, you usually have to go back to the beginning, but luckily you can drop checkpoints so that if you die, you can start from there instead of the very beginning. You’ll appreciate that in this fast paced, challenging game!Score

  • Score 7.5
Geometry Dash1
Geometry Dash2
Geometry Dash3
Geometry Dash4
Geometry Dash5
Geometry Dash6

Pros & Cons

  • Addictive Platform Runner Game
  • Nice Graphics
  • Very Fast Paced, Will Help Reaction Times
  • Build and Share Your Own Levels
  • Difficult Game that Can Get Frustrating
  • Game is Definitely Addictive and Can Become a Time Suck
  • No Social Features