Developer: Felt LLC

Genre: Lifestyle Apps

Price: Free

9.0 Awesome

Felt is a greeting card app that lets you send custom cards to anyone you want. The templates are modern and cool - which is more than can be said for most online card sending services these days. You can literally hand write a message that will appear on your card and you can even include a gift card if you want. The cards are sent in a crafty looking envelope that you can handwrite the address on or choose a great font for clarity.

The app is a great idea and people want to use it, but there are some flaws. First of all, the app gets really confusing if you want to try and send more than one card at a time. Second of all, the shipping is really slow and kind of expensive, so if you're in a rush it might be better to just run to the drug store and send them the old fashioned way.

  • Score 9

Pros & Cons

  • Create handwritten cards to send to anyone
  • They make great heartfelt gifts
  • Customize cards with cute templates
  • You can add gift cards to the card
  • App is confusing if you have multiple cards to send at once
  • No tracking numbers available for cards
  • Slow shipping times

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