Exploding Kittens

Developer: Exploding Kittens LLC

Genre: Arcade Games

Downloads: 50,000+

Price: $1.99

9.8 Awesome

Exploding Kittens is a hilarious game invented by a funny comic artist - The Oatmeal. It is a card game that is like Russian Roulette. Everyone draws cards until they draw an exploding kitten. Once they do that, they are dead, unless they have previously drawn something to quell the exploding kitten like a belly rub or laser pointer. It's the app version of a real life game that was supposedly the most funded board game in Kickstarter history.

As an app it functions really well. There are some things that people would like to see - like a rematch button to easily play the same friends over and over, or an easier way to find friends than the current clunky code system, but overall, it's a great app and a fun, if silly, game.

  • Score 9.8
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Pros & Cons

  • Silly game by creator of comic strip The Oatmeal
  • Can play with 2-5 friends or strangers online
  • Kitty card game that’s like “Russian Roulette”
  • Hilarious cat themed graphics and game play
  • Would be good to have a rematch button so you could play same friends over and over
  • Uses code system to find friends, would be easier to have a list from social media
  • Some people might find it too violent, even though it’s funny

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