Day One Journal

Developer: Bloom Built LLC

Genre: Lifestyle Apps

Price: $29.99

8.5 Awesome

Day One is a journaling app that you can use to record the most special of your events, or just the mundane things in every day life. You can put up to 10 photos in each journal entry, and there are different journal views you can see such as calendar, timeline based, map or just photos.

The app is kind of pricey at $29.99, and there are other apps you could achieve a similar result with. You don't need this app, but it certainly makes it convenient to make a journal of your life! Luckily, most people who have used it enjoy it, but wish there was better support offered.

  • Score 8.5
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Pros & Cons

  • Create a journal
  • Record important events in your life, or just everyday happenings
  • Can put up to 10 photos per entry
  • Can put location and weather data in posts too
  • Updated version doesn’t support iCloud or Dropbox
  • Not much support offered
  • Pricey

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