Dark Sky

Developer: Dark Sky

Genre: Weather Apps

Price: $3.99

9.0 Awesome

Dark Sky is a revolutionary weather app that will change the way you get your weather forecast. The app’s primary feature is to provide you with the most accurate weather forecast for the next 60 minutes. If it’s going to rain, the app will tell you when, and how hard, with pretty good accuracy, especially if it is in the next hour.

The app delivers a lot more information than your normal free weather app, and is great for outdoor enthusiasts. You can get details like wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, visibility and “feels like” temperature which takes humidity or wind chill into account. However, the detailed forecast is really only for the next hour, so if you need to know more than that, you might be out of luck, even though there is a basic forecast for the rest of the week, which is still more detailed than most apps.

  • Score 9
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Pros & Cons

  • Very Accurate Weather Predictions Within 60 Minutes
  • Get More Detailed Weather Reports Than Other Apps
  • Beautiful Graphics and Maps
  • Can Get Notifications when Rain or Snow is About to Start
  • In Remote Areas, Weather Predictions can be Off
  • There Are Many Free Weather Apps Already
  • Only Available on iOS