Cut the Rope 2

Developer: ZeptoLab

Genre: Puzzle Games

Downloads: 50,000,000+

Price: Free

9.0 Awesome

Cut the Rope 2 is the 2nd version of a fun puzzle game that will keep you on your toes. The game is great for anyone in the family, including kids, since the app is very friendly for the young ones. The game is a cute puzzle in which you just slash ropes to release candy into the every hungry Om Nom's gaping mouth. Easy enough right? True, but the game does get more challenging as you go along.

There are tons of levels for free in this game and while there are in app purchases, it's not the kind of game where you feel like you need to buy them all the time just to play. The graphics are totally adorable making this game engaging and fun.

  • Score 9
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Cut the Rope 22
Cut the Rope 23
Cut the Rope 24
Cut the Rope 25
Cut the Rope 26

Pros & Cons

  • Version 2 of a cute game
  • So many levels!
  • Free to play
  • Very family friendly
  • In app purchases
  • Obtrusive ads
  • Kind of a time wasting game

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