Color Switch

Developer: Fortafy Games

Genre: Strategy Games

Downloads: 1,000,000

Price: Free

9.5 Awesome

Color Switch is an awesome game that will rival the other favorite and most played games on your phone like Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds. It is much more simple than these other games though, with bold graphics and a bouncing ball. All you have to do is make sure your ball passes through the right color according to the pattern on all of the obstacles.

The game has a really simple premise but it is actually difficult to master. You may become frustrated with all of the deaths you might experience, but the satisfaction of a long run of success will probably outweigh that frustration when it happens. One other downside is that this game does have ads, not many, but still a few.

  • Score 9.5
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Color Switch2
Color Switch3
Color Switch4
Color Switch5
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Color Switch10
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Pros & Cons

  • Fun puzzle game
  • As addictive as your favorite games
  • Simple to learn
  • Bold graphics
  • Addictive
  • Has ads
  • Difficult to master

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