Clash Royale

Developer: Supercell

Genre: Action Games

Downloads: 10,000,000

Price: Free

9.0 Awesome

Clash Royale is essentially the sequel to the fun game Clash of Clans. It involves the Royales, aristocrats who know how to put up a fight and other new characters, but it takes place in the same Clash of Clans universe. It's a really fun game in which you can fight people in real time, however, some people don't like the fact that the game happens in real time because they might find themselves missing things or having to set an alarm to remember to check the game at a certain time!

The game is free to play but if you want to get all of the features, you will probably end up paying something. In addition you need to be connected to the internet in some way in order to play. However, these are minor detriments to such a fun game that shouldn't stop you from playing it.

  • Score 9
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Pros & Cons

  • Fun game from the creators of Clash of Clans
  • Same Clash of Clans Characters plus new ones!
  • Fight players in real time
  • TV Royale has videos of epic fights in the game
  • Free to play but many things in the game cost money
  • Need to be connected to internet or wireless network to play
  • Can be time consuming because some of it happens in real time

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