Developer: Cardiogram Inc.

Genre: Health & Fitness Apps

Price: Free

8.0 Awesome

Cardiogram is a heartrate monitor for Apple products. It works with the Apple health app and Apple Watch, in addition to your iPhone, of course. You can track your heartrate through resting and activity, so it's great for fitness junkies who want to know their resting heart rate and how high it gets during workouts.

Some people report problems with the app but that's OK because most people find that it works well. The people who have reported problems are mainly those who use ad blockers because sometimes that can block communication between the heart rate monitor and device.

  • Score 8

Pros & Cons

  • Keep track of your heartrate
  • Great for fitness addicts
  • Daily heart rate summary
  • Apple Watch compatible
  • App works better for Apple Watch than iPhone
  • Those using ad blockers have trouble connecting
  • Some have trouble installing app on Watch

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