Apple TV Remote

Developer: Apple Inc.

Genre: Lifestyle Apps

Price: Free

9.0 Awesome

The Apple TV Remote app is very convenient. How many times have you lost the tiny Apple Remote in between the couch cushions and not been able to watch the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy or Scandal? Now it won't even matter because you can just download the app and get to watching. It's a great app that also incorporates Siri into your Apple TV usage so you don't have to type anything. You can just speak what you want to watch and Siri does the

The only downsides to the app are that it's not compatible with all devices or all operating systems. If you haven't updated your OS for a while then you will want to make sure you have iOS 9.3.2 or later on your iPhone before you use the Apple TV Remote App.

  • Score 9
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Pros & Cons

  • Use Apple TV from your phone
  • It’s great because it’s easy to lose the remote that comes with it
  • Use Siri to find things on Apple TV
  • Can even use it to play games on Apple TV
  • Only for iOS devices using 9.3.2 or later
  • Only for Apple TV 2 or after
  • Device already comes with a remote

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